The Culture LP: A Letter From the Editors

We are a platform that connects New York's creators online and off. We steer vibes, we facilitate links, we engage culture, and we are forever pushing forward. The Culture LP has always focused on promoting the works, stories, and perspectives of those shaping their own tomorrows, instead of waiting to see what tomorrow brings. Through our monthly newsletter and the Culture Hotline, our text message recommendations service, we engage artists, designers, writers, and executives digitally, and then push them into NYC's arts & culture scene for IRL connections. And we want to hear from you! We're looking for interviews, op-eds, recaps of art shows and film screenings - anything you think people who make dope shit need to read about. We curse, we make mistakes, we're imperfect, and that's where creativity flourishes - in the cracks and and crevices of humanity. So that's where we'll dwell… Progressively. SUBMIT YOUR PITCH here: