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The Culture LP
culture. lifestyle. progress | empowering creators since 2012.


We are dedicated to empowering Black and Brown artists by building community, increasing access, and promoting the resources necessary to sustain themselves economically and creatively.

As programmers, we develop themes for artist talks, performances, and celebrations. Our collective specializes in content, partnership, and PR strategies. As a result we bring collectors, media, and patrons of all backgrounds together to engage in and reflect on the art.

Our local media platform informs our vibrant community on the abundance of grant money, advice, residencies, and open calls that local artists are often not privy too. Most importantly, we make it a point to speak in a way that resonates and reaches folks where they are.

Subscribers can stay in the loop via text (347.690.7677), social (@theCultureLP), and email updates.



Michael Tonge is a co-founder of The Culture LP. He specializes in brand strategy, media planning, and partnerships. Michael brings a decade of experience in marketing and advertising to the cultural sector. Based in Los Angeles, this Brooklyn native frequently finds himself on the east coast. In addition to running the CLP he is a partner at Launch Angle. He is passionate about mindfulness, and can be found anywhere dope music, good food, and genuine people are gathering.

Stephanie J. Derrick is our Project Manager. She specializes in producing live events, account management and content creation. She is passionate about arts, entertainment and travel. Currently she is exploring her version of storytelling through fiction writing, short stories and other mediums. She received her BA from Boston University where she studied Sociology.

Los Angeles native Gynai Kristol serves as our Content Manager. Now Brooklyn, NY based, she works as Associate Manager, Social Content Production at iOne Digital. Gynai also wears many hats in the film world as a director, editor, and writer for short films and music videos.

Saidah Belo-Osagie is the Social Media Manager at The Culture LP. When she is not at CLP, she works at IFP (Independent Filmmaker Project) as the Executive Assistant to the CEO. Additionally, she writes and directs her own short films and looks forward to expanding her craft and using NYC as her landscape. Saidah graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2018 with a major in Philosophy, Politics and Economics and a minor in Cinema and Media Studies.

Alanna Williams is a Marketing Intern for The Culture LP and is pursuing her Bachelors degree in International Business at Ohio Wesleyan University. She is also fluent in the Italian language and spent a semester abroad interning with an Italian sales company.

video by Gynai Kristol, original music by Rodney Hazard