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I AM SHE Imani Shanklin Roberts, Spring 2019


“I AM SHE” challenges viewers

to embrace the full spectrum of the divine feminine by connecting to archetypal expressions

of the Black Womxn in the 21st century.

This spring, Imani Shanklin Roberts unveiled I AM SHE, a collection of works inspired by her recent journey away from art making and a deeper delve into self discovery. Hundreds of guests joined us at the Weeksville Heritage Center, to not only see, but experience the artist's expression of holistic femininity through portrait works and connected charging stations, designed in partnership with set designer Alicia DeLarge. The archetypes developed both visually and experientially include the Rebel Womxn, Carefree Black Girl, Bruja, Wombmxn, Visionary, Lover, and High Powered Womxn of the World.

Stepping into motherhood encouraged Roberts to confront the identities that she holds true. Rearing a daughter required extreme investigation of identities and an analysis of what it truly means to be female, to be black and to be human.

Opening at the Brookland Art Space

in Washington, D.C.

Saturday, May 11th from 6 pm - 9pm

Imani-DSC_5012 (1).jpg