You are what you read

The Filter: You Are What You Read

The Internet is full of tons of information, but how much of it is useful to your every day walk in life? The Filter takes the articles in our team’s inboxes and “favorites” from blogs all over the web.

Read on and share these great articles with your co-workers and friends. 


Top Designers Fight for Social Media Spotlight at New York Fashion Week

NYC’s favorite fashion week is now 5 days in and you can catch up on all of the styles on Huffington Post, where they are hosting live social media updates. Designers, fashion editors, and bloggers alike have taken to Instagram and Twitter to share behind the scenes goodies. (Huffington Post)



Stop and Frisk: NYC Black Youth Reflect on Their Experiences (The Grio)
Rock the Bells Resurrects Eazy-E and ODB for 10th Anniversary (Revolt TV)


Do You Need to De-Clutter Your Love Life? 

If you’re casually dating or looking for something long-term, take time to consider what each love interest really has to offer. You may find that none of them shape up to what you really want, and as much as it hurts, it may be best to ride solo for awhile. (BlackGirlNerds



51 Weeknight Dinners That Make Your Look as Good as You Feel (BuzzFeed) 
Start Your Workday Off on the Right Foot With These 5 Tips (Under 30 CEO) 


Free Ebook! – is giving away a free ebook, Art is Freedom, written by artist and entrepreneur Erik Wahl. In this 14 page downloadable PDF, Wahl discusses how art was the driving force to UNthinking and broadening his mind in order to find freedom. (Art is Freedom)



Build a Dream Team: How to Use Community to Drive Social Change (NY Creative Interns) 
Are You Surrounding Yourself With the Right People to Succeed?(Elite Daily)



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