Shantell Martin is Drawing on Everything

Back and forth to the A line in Bed-Stuy, printed on my favorite magazine covers, and even on the radar of retail art departments – illustrator Shantell Martin and her trusted pen are making her mark on New York City and beyond. Martin’s signature style blends a playful, doodle-like simplicity with inspiration in text. The strong lines she prints on canvas, clothing, and even on hardware – her portfolio sends one message: No limits. Whether she’s creating landscapes, projecting images, or experimenting with digital drawings Martin’s style remains consistent, a key to capturing and maintaining a signature as an artist. In any craft, from business owners to performers, maintaining your signature presence will take you to the point where you no longer have to introduce yourself.

Here’s a video with Shantell showing you an up close look at how she creates


For emerging artists

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before finding your signature style

What inspires your work?
What kind of work can you get lost in?
What sells best? What do people like?
How do you turn obstacles into opportunities?
What established artists are you learning from?


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