Marvel Comics Releases Teasers For Hip Hop Inspired Cover Art

This fall Marvel Comics will merge with Hip Hop culture as fans are given the chance to purchase a variant cover of their favorite #1 comic series. Some all time favorite characters pay homage to some of hip hop’s most influential albums – adding an artful expression never before seen from the classic comic lineup.

“Beginning this October, we will shine a spotlight on the seamless relationship between those two unique forces in when we unveil the first of more than fifty variant covers, each of which pays tribute to an iconic album cover from the past 30 years that shaped pop-culture over the past three decades.”  – Marvel Editor-in-Chief, Axel Alonso

Each of Marvel’s Hip Hop Variants was illustrated by a hand-picked artist introducing comic fans to an alternative form of their love for animated expression. Hip hop culture has always subtly stood by the comic book culture with inspiration behind music videos, fashion, and even samples. This new series of variant covers highlights the musical work that has shaped a generation of comic and hip hop lovers alike.


The Astonishing Ant-Man #1 Hip-Hop Variant Cover by Mark Brooks

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