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“Get a Job Tommy, Digitize your Job Search”

We all know a couple of “Tommy’s”, you know, the friend with “no damn job.” If you don’t have that friend then I congratulate you on either having a dope circle of friends, or I’m begging you to realize that you are indeed the jobless friend. If the latter is the case then this post is for you, either way keep reading.

Pretty much everyone has a social networking site of some sort, but how you use these platforms is completely up to you. Whether you want to use your page to tweet comical trending topics or keep up with the Kardashians, is completely up to you. However if you’re the broke friend always refusing to tip at the end of a group outing it might be time to take your job search passed craigslist and monster.com. More recruiters than ever are utilizing Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook to fill company voids but you have to be proactive.

Often times when meeting with potential employers or even just prospective career acquaintances the first thing they’ll do is Google you. Shoot, if I know you I’ve probably Googled you. One way to facilitate positive search results is to get a Linkedin rolling. Linkedin is a place where you can connect with established and aspiring professionals in your industry. There’s no need to exclude family or friends from your professional networks especially since these authentic connections are what one needs to broaden their reach in a genuine manner. Read this article on Urban Professor for more on using Linkedin.


Quickly, let’s talk about twitter, to be honest you’re probably not using this resource to its full potential. Everyday professionals meet up and discuss pressing issues and interesting topics via what we call twitter chats. A great networking innovation, you can market yourself and connect with like-minded individuals. Here’s a list of chats you may be interested in, whether aspiring to be a PR professional, marketing exec, or teacher, there’s something for everyone. However be mindful that if you’re going to start using your twitter more resourcefully you don’t want folks scanning your timeline and finding a plethora of #him tweets or you ranting about how many grenades were in the club last night. Don’t get me wrong venting on twitter can be fun, but if you’re really concerned with changing your employment status that’s a small sacrifice. Get a journal, or better yet make a separate page for professional status updates only. Follow influential people in your field; see what events are going on, read articles about your industry. I personally have two pages; one for personal/blog use and the other is strictly about corporate endeavors.


The most important part of a job search is your network with the second syllable being the post important… WORK. So get off you’re a$$ Tommy and get a job. If you want to learn more about maximizing social media to progress your job search check out this article from NACE Job Search Online 

By: Mike T.

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