The Culture LP from The CultureLP on Vimeo.

The Culture LP is focused on the innovation and progress of the strong individuals of Generation Y. We are a network of writers, thinkers, artists, and connectors who aim to create a lasting-impact on the world through art, action, and passion. Our motto is “principles over profits”. We work with a variety of people to help them achieve their goals and dreams by developing programming and content that unites creators, helps to manifest their ideas, and promotes their endeavors.

We all have the three levels of influence: Culture, Lifestyle, and Progress in our lives one way or another. The CLP is where those elements connect to creativity and those that dedicate their lives or free time to self expression in music, film, artwork and beyond. It’s not what we build, but how that shows who we are. We present creators, leaders, their experiences and all that falls between the cracks to unite a counterculture with it’s creative side on and offline. Get it how you live. Believe in yourself, and enjoy.

– The CLP Team

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